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Check Back with us soon for the opening of our second Pasquale's Ristorante and Pizzeria in the Town of Londonderry New Hampshire situated at 87 Nashua Rd on route 102. Will be featuring our acclaimed menu, authentic Neapolitan homemade brick oven pizza, featuring our outstanding and authentic vini fini italiani, and exceptional service.

June 2nd 2016

New Hampshire Union leader 

Pasquale was born in the small and picturesque coastal town of Torre , which is located just south of Naples, virtually in the shadow of Mount Vesuvio.  His Papa Mario Celone was  - and indeed still is -  a hard-working Masonic builder while his Mamma Rosa still works the family's two acres or so of farmland, on which they cultivate a variety of commercial vegetables, including lettuce, broccoli rabi and of course the famous pomodori di San Marzano.  

His passionate interest in cooking became apparent at a very early age, for when he was only about five years old,while the other children were outside playing,I was usually to be found in the kitchen with a spoon in is hand, helping his Mamma and his Nonna Liberata as they prepared their Sunday lunch. He learned from them that preparing food is a labor of love, and that its prime reward is seeing the smiles on the faces of those who are seated around the family table.  

After high school he attended the prestigious Culinary Institute of Santa Maria del Toro in Vico Equense, another coastal town a little further south of Naples,and only about 2 miles from Sorrento. There he studied hard to master la cucina della regione, especially of course the exquisite pesce and frutti di mare dishes for which the Gulf of Naples is renowned. 

While still at the Institute, he was fortunate to secure an apprenticeship at the renowned Torre Saraceni Ristorante on the Isle of Capri, and there, working for three summers under the direction of some greatest chefs in the region, he perfected his skills in la cucina napoletana.  

I eventually went to the island of Bermuda, where he worked for two years at a high-class tourist resort prior to returning to Italy in order to fulfill his military service. While in the army, he was stationed at yet another coastal town, this time Bari, in Puglia.  He came to the United States in 1989, and his passion and love for food inspired him to open Pasquale’s Ristorante in May of 2000. Together with his Lovely wife Mayela and his doughter Rosamaria they work 6 days a week to delight and stimulate their loyal customers with truly authentic Italian dishes  -  each and every one lovingly prepared to order.

And it’s not only his customers who are impressed with his talents  -  in 2005 he was invited by 

La Cucina Italiana Magazine to present what turned out to be a breath taking Bella Sera in Campania at the Italian Culinary Institute in New York. This in turn attracted the attention of the Italian Trade Commission, a branch of the Italian Government, and in 2006 he was invited as a member of an elite group of chefs from around the world to Bari (yes - Puglia) Italy, where they under took a comprehensive course in la cucina pugliese.   

And now 2007 he has been invited once more to the Italian Culinary Institute in New York, this time by Italian Cooking and Living Magazine, in order to present what will undoubtedly be an outstanding Wine Dinner at the Annual White Truffle Festival.

143 Raymond rd, Candia nh
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